About Me


I’m chris escue.

By trade I am a software engineer. I would describe myself as a generalist, but I’m particularly adept at moving data from one place to another. I prefer to write code in Ruby where possible, but I am not adverse to other languages. I am wary of buzzwords.

I derive satisfaction from creating things, digital and otherwise.

I have several notable hobbies:

  • I am an amateur chef (and perhaps gourmand).
  • I listen to a wide-range of music. Occasionally I will attempt to create my own, with limited success.
  • I’ve been known to enjoy partaking in Video Games™.
  • I build computers.

I am neither a dog person nor a cat person, for I have a fondness for most animals. Exceptions include (and are pretty much limited to) mosquitos, botflies, paper wasps, and yellowjackets.